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Fill the blanks

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 28, 2015, 5:11 AM

what’s your name ➔Filipa
do you have a nickname ➔ Firipa, Furipa, Pipinha, Pipa...
do you have a middle name ➔Andreia
do you like your name ➔ Yep, because I like my first name.
do people often mispronounce your name ➔ Sometimes. They spell it with an "e" (Felipa) instead of an "i" (Filipa).
do you like the meaning of your name ➔ It's greek origin (which is a civilization I love) and it means: "Friends of horses" (...Does this mean I digged with centaurs on my past life?!)
when is your birthday ➔ April 23rd
how old are you ➔ 21 but I feel as if I'm still an an awkward teenager
do you like your age ➔ See question above.
what’s your zodiac sign ➔ Taurus

what’s your hair color ➔ black
is your current hair color your natural hair color ➔ yes.
do you dye your hair ➔ I've put in red highlights before, but I really wanted to dye my hair red
do you have natural highlights ➔ Nope :I
when was the last time you had a haircut ➔ hmm...Either last year or in this year's January, can't remember .3.
what length is your hair right now ➔ short to the ears
do you have straight, wavy or curly hair ➔ My hair on top is straight but on the ends it tends to get wazy
do you have frizzy hair ➔ no
do you use a curling iron ➔ no
do you use a hair straightener ➔ no
do you braid your hair ➔ I used to know how but now it just gets a mess
what’s your eye color ➔ dark brown, almost black
do your eyes change colour ➔ Nope .3.
do you wear contacts ➔ No, too much work
if so, do you use color contacts or regular contacts ➔ see question above
do you wear glasses ➔ yes
do you have naturally long eyelashes ➔ I never really noticed .3.'
do you wear braces ➔ no
do you have dimples ➔ I think I do but I never noticed
do you have moles ➔ yes one on my arm
do you have outstanding cheekbones ➔ My game is not as strong as Hiddleston's.
do you have freckles ➔ no
do you have piercings ➔ nope
do you have tattoos ➔ no but I would like some
do you wear make up ➔ yes sometimes
do you paint your nails ➔ yes sometimes
do you wear jewelry ➔ yes sometimes
are you happy with your height ➔ yes sometimes

would you consider yourself outgoing or shy ➔ Shy, definitely shy
are you sarcastic  ➔ maybe, you can't tell from writing
what’s your biggest fear ➔ trusting someone who hurts me in the end
what’s your guilty pleasure ➔ ....That's classified
are you religious ➔ No
do you get easily along with people ➔ I guess I do but I don't trust them completely
do you cry easily ➔ yes

do you go to middle school ➔ no
do you go to high school ➔ no
do you go to a private school ➔ no
are you home schooled ➔ no
have you gratuated from school ➔ not yet
what grade are you in ➔ I have 3 that I am in
have you skipped a grade ➔ no
have you been held back a grade ➔ yes on the 4th grade because people though I was not emotionally prepared to pass on
have you ever failed a class  ➔ DEFINATELY YES
have you been sent to the principals office ➔ Never
have you skipped school ➔ Many times...
have you cheated on a test ➔ ...I don't remember but I might.

do you live with your biological parents ➔ yes
do you get along with your parents ➔ almost everytime
do you tell your parents everything ➔ no
do you have strict parents ➔ no
do you have siblings ➔ yes
are you the oldest ➔ yes
are you in the middle ➔ See question above
are you the youngest ➔ See question above
are all of your grandparents still alive ➔ Only one from my dad's side

do you have a best friend ➔ Yes
do you have more than 10 friends ➔ Yes
do you have at least 2 friends you can trust with your life ➔ yes
do you have a lot of guy friends, a lot of girl friends or equal girl and guy friends ➔ it's equal, but I used to hang out more wth guys when I was younger
do you text with your friends a lot ➔ nope

what’s your relationship status ➔ single
have you ever been in love ➔ yes...
do you believe in love at first sight ➔ yes but I guess I never will experience it first hand from someone
have you ever been in a relationship ➔ yes
have you ever had a secret admirer ➔ I don't think so
have you ever been asked out on a date ➔ nope
have you ever been kissed ➔ yes and I did not like it
have you ever made out with someone ➔ HAHA no
have you ever been cheated on ➔ Never
have you ever been proposed to ➔ HAHAHA
do you want to get married ➔ maybe
do you want kids ➔ that is the very last thing on my list of life to do

where were you born ➔ Portugal
where do you live right now ➔ with your mom OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (no seriously, in the same place)
have you ever been out of the country ➔ yes
do you prefer country or city ➔ City
do you like sightseeing ➔ YES
is one or more of your parents from another country ➔ No
what places would you like to visit  ➔ Great Britain, Belgium, America and Venice.
are you fluent in more than one language ➔ English, French (I'm a tad rusty on it) and I'm learning Spanish.
what languages can you speak ➔ ...See question above

do you have any allergies ➔ I don't think I do
are you lactose intolerant ➔ nope
have you had surgery ➔ yes
have you had stitches ➔ no
have you broken a bone ➔ fortunately no
has someone close to you died of a disease ➔ yes
do you exercise a lot  ➔ I'm in the gym

have you ever had a near death experience ➔ never
have you ever been on a plane ➔ yes
have you ever had an allnighter ➔ MANY TIMES
have you ever been to school/work after a sleepless night ➔ one time and I almost passed out
have you ever been in a physical fight ➔ Never but if life calls...
have you ever been to a wedding ➔ Many and I find them boring
have you ever been to a funeral ➔ never
have you ever lived in a different country ➔ No
have you ever been drunk ➔ HA jokes on you I don't drink
have you ever been trick or treating ➔ We don't do that here
have you ever been in a school play ➔ yes
have you ever been to a camp ➔ No
have you ever driven a car ➔ No

how many languages are you fluent in ➔ Currently 2
have you ever read a book in another language ➔ English only
can you roll your tongue ➔ yes
can you braid hair ➔ no
can you do a handstand ➔ HAHAHAHA

do you crack your knuckles ➔ I often do and I love to gross people out
do you bite your nails ➔ unfortunately yes
do you bite your lips ➔ sometimes

what’s your favorite movie ➔ Too many to count
what’s your favorite tv show ➔ See question above
what’s your favorite book ➔ Goosebumps books
what’s your favorite song ➔ Too many to count
what’s your favorite color ➔ Purple (But I am sliding my way up slowly to green...)
what’s your favorite animal ➔ dogs and dolphins
what’s your favorite season ➔ Winter

this or that
summer or winter ➔ Winter
day or night ➔ night
cats or dogs ➔ dogs
rain or shine ➔ rain
coffee or tea ➔ coffee
reading or writing ➔ reading (lol it's easier)
humorous or serious ➔ humorous to the win
brown or blue eyes ➔ why not both?
single or group dates ➔ single
texts or calls ➔ calls
driving or walking ➔ walking

last phone call ➔ to my dad
last text ➔ to my friend
last song you listened to ➔ Take a hint by Victoria justice
last thing you ate ➔ probably dinner from last night
last thing you drank ➔ water
last purchase ➔ .......
last time you cleaned your room ➔ probably last week
last time you’ve been on a date ➔ That's adorable

Just felt like doing this, I'm sure many people won't see it anyways
borrowed from :iconforcenturies: who borrowed from tumble :D
Hope you guys have a lovely day

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Hey hun :D

Ever thought about trying out that new DBZ game when the price is lower? You can make Furipa in it easily, and have Multiple Cell Allies in Quests :D
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Guuuurl I just got Xenoverse eue
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;A; everyone seems to be getting it except me ;3;
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Thank you THAT much for the favourites of my workTaiga and Minori (I miss you hug) [V1] Bro hug I think I've fainted. Dizzy :Dizzy: Flowers fella (Love) ChicaLuigi Giving Flower 
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no problem!!! :iconhugplz:
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they are closed honey .3.
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